Day 3 – A Surprise Visitor!

As we entered the classroom on our third day, we noticed that the Ms. Dileo placed our Love Peace Harmony Toronto Banner outside our classroom to invite students in!


We came in 30 mins ahead of the class to prepare for the day. To our delight and surprise a student was already in attendance and focused on practicing drawing his Tao calligraphy.  He said it helped him to be calm and think better.


We started the class with tracing Da Ai – Greatest Love. Master Venier led the class with introductions and Tao Calligraphy energy movement practices.  Discover the power of Tao Calligraphy tracing!  Enjoy the videos below…


Today the main focus of the practice was to perfect writing ‘Da’ – The Greatest. With all the basics in place, today we practiced and worked hard together to perfect it.

There was dedicated and ‘serious’ attention given by everyone to perfect the writing of the ‘Da’. Everyone was giving it their best and with beauty!



We had a surprise visitor – The principle, Ms. Kurman!  I had the great honour of teaching the Ms Kurman how to write Tao Calligraphy and sharing the practices with her


She enjoyed it greatly and walked around the tables, observing and encouraging the students practice Tao Calligraphy writing.



At the end of the class, there was great excitement – as the students got better we handed them white sheets of paper to write ‘Da’ – The Greatest on paper and submit it, so that we could offer them some corrections on paper!


We collected the papers and that was the end of day 3!

We spent the evening correcting the calligraphies so that students could have copy of their assignments!



Hey what is the best way to get one another’s attention to talk?  Trying chanting and clapping ‘Hey Hey Hey, Love You, Love You, Love You’ – Listen to Master Venier!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tatyana XV says:

    What a special surprise to have the extraordinary principle Mrs Kurman join us in class! A great day indeed practicing Da


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