Day 4 – Rice Paper and Ink!

Day4- Friday – A lot to do!!! A Lot of traffic!

Everyday, my wonderful friend Mahtab, who has taken up the task of taking us to the school, lovingly picks me up and drives us from Richmond Hill to downtown Toronto! This morning, I realized that Friday is a day of traffic and even though we left really early, we barely got to class on time!

When I entered the class,  to my great surprise, all the kids stood up and clapped.  It was spontaneous! I was touched to receive this standing ovation! I was touched that I had received ‘Da Ai’ from the students!  This was the highlight of my day! Perhaps for my week or maybe highlight of my month!

We had a lot to do and first things first, we had to give out the sheets with the suggestions for improvement! Everyone wanted to know how they are doing and progressing.


And then… each one had to quickly learn how to improve in 5 minutes and hold up the best ‘DA’ – Greatest character they could possibly write.  The best writers would get a chance to write on real rice paper and ink!  There was so much excitement in the class!


5 Minutes later…


And the winners are…






And then we filled another in-take form on LOVE!

This took some time introspection and some thinking


After which we let every try out with ink and rice paper


Ms Dileo loved it too!!


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  1. Sher O'Rourke says:

    What a wonderful project! Congratulations Master Nina, Master Venier and the whole team for spreading the message of love, peace and harmony. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn together with all of the students and teachers how we can create a more loving and compassionate world.

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  2. iritfurman says:

    This is so special. It warms my heart to see how much calm and joy the calligraphy practice brings to those children is truly amazing!


  3. Leonie Lph says:

    So beautiful, thank you Master Nina and Master Venier for sharing Tao Calligraphy with the students, makes me so happy to see this being taught in schools, very exciting and heart warming.


  4. Tatyana XV says:

    Ink on rice paper day! How exciting!


  5. Tatyana XV says:

    Yes! There was a huge warm welcome to Master Nina as she entered. We were all feeling the good vibes from tracing Da Ai. Really great atmosphere developed.


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