Day 5 – Basics of Love

Day 5 started on a busy note. Ms Dileo had prepared a beautiful presentation of a different type of calligraphy and indigenous art from around the world.  It was beautiful to watch Ms Dileo share her enthusiasm for various styles, colour, motifs and the underlying philosophy for Aboriginal arts.

The students are lucky and blessed to have a teacher who cares like Ms Dileo.  Just to see her talk and care for the students filled my heart with gratitude.

I shared that with the students and we all cheered for great teachers like Ms Dileo!

I shared a bit about why ‘we all need love’ – the importance of love and what we can do if we have love in our lives!

Master Venier led everyone into a tracing Da Ai practice and today we had a lot of students come up and lead the energy movement practice!



Today we introduced the new character ‘Ai’.  I started with just teaching about the first part of the character and everyone did very well.


Ms Dileo and I had a great time at the end of the class and practicing calligraphy together!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.36.42 PM

We ended the class with a short check-in with Ms Dileo and here is what she had to say!

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  1. Tatyana XV says:

    Witnessing Ms DiLeo inspire the students is inspiring! Nurturing the seeds of our future.


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