Day 6 – Going Deeper into Love!

Day 6 was slightly different and off the routine. Mahtab could not drive me today so Karry joined us for the day. Our task today was to learn the character ‘AI’ and perfect it as much as possible.


Since a few of the students were on an excursion, the class had less students. So we practiced a lot


And spread the love


and practiced hard



IMG_1099IMG_1085IMG_1190IMG_1252C.T.A. D06 (81) 171004

The students did the best they could. Some got distracted and made me wonder – is this too slow for a 9th Grader?


While there were others that showed great progress.  It takes a great deal to be a very good teacher – it takes a lot of Da Ai – Greatest Love!


And just when you feel maybe it is not flowing well you will be nicely surprised!  One of the students suddenly perfects the art and really gets into it!  Mia – writes a beautiful ‘Ai’!



At the end of the session Ms Dileo spoke about creating art and shared a great moment! I shared with her a little about the power of soul painting!

C.T.A. D06 (110) 171004

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tatyana XV says:

    wings were spread to day as full expression took place – writing the full Da Ai


  2. Tatyana XV says:

    Masterful Soul Paintings by Master Nina were shared – absolutely in awe of the revolutionary art.


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