Day 7 – Students become teachers

Tatyana and Eun Ji came to class early and also found some students came in earlier – they took the opportunity to ask students what they felt about writing calligraphy.

So we had students who were practicing and really doing well!  So I called them up to write on the board!

C.T.A. D07 (57) 171004

C.T.A. D07 (73) 171004

There were a few students who were not in class yesterday as they were on an excursion and they need to catch up.  The students who were most inspired by Tao Calligraphy and learned the essence got to be teachers for the day!

C.T.A. D07 (114) 171004

Mia teaching Malcolm

C.T.A. D07 (127) 171004

Betty teaching Yazhara


Charlie sharing his gift with Ximuna.

Our new teachers did very well and lent us a hand for everyone to come up to speed. Others quickly mastered the art too!

C.T.A. D07 (226) 171004IMG_1437IMG_1169C.T.A. D07 (155) 171004IMG_0852IMG_0857

C.T.A. D07 (168) 171004

C.T.A. D07 (96) 171004We missed you Ms Dileo!  We hope you enjoyed your class trip and hope to see you tomorrow.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Tatyana XV says:

    Passing the torch. Igniting the light within the students to support their peers in mastering the Da Ai. Beautiful to witness and see each of them bloom in their writing but also themselves ass their confidence soars.


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