The Team!

The collaboration of Love Peace Harmony Toronto and Tao Calligraphy is the creation and brainchild of Master Venier Wong

M Venier

Master Venier Wong

Venier Wong is a Master Teacher, Tao Calligraphy Grand Master Practitioner and Tao Song Tao Dance Practitioner.  She has dedicated her life to service, social justice issues and global change.  Master Venier is passionate about universal service and creating a global movement of love peace and harmony, where children and youth are the inspirational heart-centred leaders for humanity and the planet.

M Nina

Master Nina Mistry

Nina Mistry is a certified Tao Calligraphy Teacher, Grand Master Tao Calligraphy Practitioner and Grand Master Soul Painter certified by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Nina is passionate about healing through painting and sacred writing of Tao Calligraphy. She combines her passion for Tao Calligraphy and Soul painting to bring greater happiness and health in teaching children and youth.

Master Venier and Master Nina are fortunate and blessed to have this wonderful team that helps each day to serve and assists with all project tasks as we serve at the school!!

We proudly present our team:

Mahtab, is a beautiful and talented soul, she lovingly drives Master Nina every day to the school, she is a wonderful at writing calligraphy and is extremely knowledgeable in so many different arts!


Tatyana is a creative soul, friendly loving and passionate. Her Love and passion brings joy and laughter to all students


Eun Ji is considerate, gentle, kind and caring to us all each day! Her presence and service is touching and inspiring!IMG_0644